Had the opportunity to give a pep talk to an up and coming artist and thought it would be worth repeating here. And the message is "They'll always tell you that you stink." The "they" being the people around you who have looked at your work and deemed it "not good enough." No matter how good it is, you're going to hear this. Whatever your field of creative expression.

And it's a good thing, actually. Humans are an obstinate bunch and hearing "you stink" is just what our brains need to help formulate the thought "Oh, yeah? Well, watch this!"

Of course, the "watch this" may have to be followed by several years of toil until the world reluctantly acknowledges that you've got what it takes. But that's okay, because the carping of the critics is a very useful spur toward an overall improvement of your art, your language, your computer skills, what have you. 

The reality might actually be that you DO stink at the moment someone tells you that. So what? Practice makes perfect and the transition from crappy to super duper is a slow one that occurs because you, yourself, don't stop believing that you've got what it takes to succeed. EVERYONE was crappy at some point. Looking at an accomplished star is risky because you don't see the years of work which led them to their current state of wowness. And if you asked a star what they think of their own stuff they'd likely say, assuming they really are dedicated to their art, that they're kind of okay, maybe, but really fall short of where they should be. 

Those who are truly good and self aware always know that there's lots of room for improvement and growth and never stop trying to enhance every aspect of their art. And neither should you. There's no top to the mountain, but the higher you climb, the better the view.

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