More and more I've been getting unhappified by the march of robotics and mechanization. Not for the improvement in product quality control; that's an obvious benefit. But where a robot is now, a human once was. And we now have factories turning out literally millions of motors, actuators, other robots, and so forth, with a tiny handful of people in residence. I'm talking five to ten, total. So where have the hundreds or thousands of ex-employees gone? Great question. 

The most recent instance was an article on very human seeming robo-calls. You know the sort. Unwanted solicitations during dinner. I hate 'em as much as anyone. But in addition to being plain creepy, replacing the actual humans with software means yet another layer of people who no longer have a job, sucky as it may have been. 

A friend repeated the mantra to me that with the crappy jobs done by software, the humans are freed for the "good" jobs. Really? Which are those and where are the millions of them that are going to be needed? I'm just not seeing them …

Here’s where you can read the article and listen to the robocall.