Three semi-wise men
If you have to ask
Not what he meant
Could be worse
It's sinfully good
Nun like her
Just not tempting
It was a miracle
Got the skills
All sales final
That's pushing it
Reading. It's fundamental
A wild time
Circumstantial evidence
Play to your strengths
Throw two and call me in the morning
Visualize success
Just a little editing
A fashion statement
Can you believe it?
Celebrity endorsements
Peace be with you
Look on the bright side
Better watch your campfires
Let there be noise
Which group are you?
Perhaps landscaping
Too much knowledge
He's no Jedi
Just some nibbles
Touch authors
And a one, and a two
A little too much information
An avid birder
That's it
Pipe down
2nd round
She turned me into a newt
Under cover
Nice place to visit
Room for improvement
If it looks like a duck
Don't I know you?
Mmmm broccoli
Take two
Necessity is the mom
A place for everything
Next aisle over
Cast 'em out
Ride 'em
Eleven volume set
Surface effects
It's the word
Ask a silly question
Now I see
Learn the A, B, C's
He's for 'em
Yes and no
Rate of return
Take that
Not listening
Real talent
Walk the walk
Walk the walk
Too true
The door
Show me