Here are some links to some of my on-line favs. I think you'll enjoy visiting them.

Friendly Atheist   Hemant Mehta blogs on all things atheistic, with a well mannered and decidedly friendly approach.

Girl Genius   The exciting saga of Agatha Heterodyne (and friends). Great pulp novel storytelling, super penciling by Phil Foglio and fantastic coloring by Cheyenne Wright. 

Dinosaur Comics   The artwork doesn't change but the content is ever fresh. Ryan North ensures that T-Rex rules! 

Squid Row   The life and times of Randie, a struggling artist trying to make her way. Aren't we all?

Savage Chickens   Chickens on PostIt notes. Need I say more?

Susan Camilleri Konar   Is it tooning or illustation you crave? No matter; Susan's got both bases covered.